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List of viewers commented my blog:
( I am touched by viewers comments… So I decide to do this from today…)  on PMP page  on CTP page (CTP stands for cool trader pro)  on PMP page  (long long comments)  on PMP page  (long long comments)   on PMP page  (long long comments)  on relaxing music (long long comments)

———–My response to above ardent viewers :

Thanks for your comments.

To assist your learning needs, I am inviting you to connect me on FB where I post inspiration, wisdom and grow friendship with fans around the world:

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1. Personal development   2. Learn to do online biz so you can live in the freedom of mobility  3. Learn Project Management 4. Learning Trading the market without major learning curve

I will respond to you only when my time is available – that means if you do not hear from me right away, you still will be helped by following me at twitter and re-visit my aboutme page. Your faith will bring my help to you.

To thank me to help you, I ask you to hug min. 10 people each day with sweet feeling on your daily walk to see trees, sky, trails and ocean if you nearby them.  Here is why. 

I want you be aware each day of your magic energy from your kindness and your positive thinking, and how those actions lighten up the world around U!




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