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We introduce our stock trading viewers to Dove Global service in robotics trading:

Dear Global Viewers and learners, (watch media say at middle  page)

We received your comments and questions on our team support blog.

The cool trade robot is designed for people who trades and who does not know about trading the stocks. The robot is like an industrial automation line, need feed in strategy to run. It is available to download then modify to fit your budget and your ROI expectation and risk tolerance.

Dove Global provide support service include teaching step by step to customize user’s own formula and indicators to our clients only. If you wish to use cool trade robots, you are welcome, simply give us a call, we will be happy to give you more insight.  ( Find the info at lower part of this page on CTP features & Benefits)

Our support  eMail:
DL for TEXT Only: 604 800.8316 USA: 602.507.9681

2015 Cool trader Robot sales price as following, online purchase new promo:

·         1 year license:   $3500

·         2 year license:   $4495

·         3 year license:   $4995

Please do not hesitate to call us to ask your questions from your exploration.

Medias say about Cool Trader
CoolTrade™ – Moving America Forward Interview with William Shatner:
(Note: In the video mentioned to get more info at now you can view at: )  online purchase

Introduce CoolTrade™ – Fully Automated Stock Trading Platform: online purchase

The landscape of the users in the world: See a global map of  viewers from the 44 countries at bottom page – NOW 44 grew to 68 countries! 

We are proud to show where are our viewers come from: Since Dec 2012, viewers from 44 countries enjoyed our blog for clues of new knowledge and new tools to better their investment endeavours.  – By Lily Harvey MBA PMP Mech Eng.

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CTP features & Benefits:

12y+ proven performance of CTP Robotics Trading System’s ownership benefits – The Amazing LASTING VALUES :
1. Software Inheritable, Transferable
2. Free Update For Lifetime.
3. Tech supoort current 6am-1am next day
4.Strategy wizard set-up support Mon.- Fri. – need get booked
5. Free Access To Cool Trader Pro University For Lifetime
6. Link with 15000 + cool traders around 40+ countries, to share and copy their success tips and strategies any time by login to your account. We are never trading alone again!
7. Most POWERFUL – It allows user to modify and editing trading rules at manner of point and click – this means you do NOT have to be a programmer to set your trading rules. Anyone wish to set their own rules can just POINT AND CLICK.
– isn’t this better than spent time to make appointment to see a fin. planner and pay 2% to fin. planner to loss your portfolio??
– isn’t this better than you purchase a course to scarifies your family time to study, learn and practice on your own doing?
How much will cost you every year to join a golf club or sign up a investment course or renew your professional license every certain years?
It not only eats up your money but also takes your time for you to learn. It is not going to create you more time or money immediately. How much will cost you for NOT having the software?
With Cool trader, you short cut all the learning curve, access to highest and best ROI tips and strategies in the past only some of the hedge fund companies and big accounts can access, now we can access like them! Too busy, we can provide you the service. Want to do your won, you can book a hands on training session, then do yourself – copy & paste – optional to revise to fit your wish. Once you set-up the trading, you immediately reach the freedom of time.  Contact by email to:

This software simply do 3 steps:

1. download
2. set-up
3. walk away


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