Feb 15 2016  One Coin-Split video

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Split Rules and Split Upgrade Strategies

In a special State of the Nation webinar, aired on January 19th, 2016, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Founder and CEO of OneCoin, explained the Split Rules and Split Upgrade Strategies.

In this short article, we capture the main points of her announcement:

I. Special Rules per PACKAGE regarding Split – each OneCoin package receives up to three Splits, when you buy a package for the first time:

1 Split: Starter, Trader, Pro Trader, Executive Trader

2 Splits: Tycoon, Premium

3 Splits: Festival

II: Special Rules Regarding UPGRADE Strategies – Besides Splits that come with your package, with the right Split strategy, you are able to increase the number of splits depending on the package you hold and the package you are willing to upgrade to. Examples:

If you have a Starter package, it will split once. But if you upgrade to Trader, it will split again once. If you then upgrade to Tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum three times, except for the Premium Trader pack!

If you have a Premium Trader pack you receive 2 splits with the package, equaling 600,000 Tokens! But with the correct strategy, when moving from Tycoon to Premium, you could benefit from additional splits, in all – up to 4 splits! With Premium, you receive the splits even if your Tokens have been submitted for mining – and additionally, profit from a low mining difficulty. Premium Trader is the only package where the mining difficulty will always be 1 Token less than the mining difficulty of all other packages. Make sure you check the “Automatically mining” box, before submitting Tokens acquired through the Premium Trader package for mining.

Now you have yet another opportunity to take advantage of this coming Split! If you have a PREMIUM today, upgrade from Premium to Festival pack, our latest time-limited offer, and receive +2 more splits on the top of those you’ve got with the Premium!

However, if you have a TYCOON today you have the best opportunity to increase substantially your coins! The BEST STRATEGY for you would be to upgrade from Tycoon to Premium and then to Festival package before the first split on any of the packages to get maximum Tokens hence MAXIMUM COIN!

Remember that in order to receive the Split upgrades, you need to follow exactly all the steps.

III: Special Rules Regarding TOKENS that Split: Which Tokens go into mining and which Tokens split?

Cryptocurrency cannot split and therefore all Tokens you already submitted into mining CANNOT split as well. All other Tokens in your account that were NOT submitted for mining can split.

So, what you can do is wait for the first split before submitting your Tokens into mining.

Example: You currently have a Trader pack, let’s assume with 5000 Tokens. They split, so you have 10 000 Tokens. Then you put them into mining and receive OneCoins for them. Then you decide to upgrade to Tycoon. But these 10 000 Tokens that are now already submitted for mining cannot split, because the cryptocurrency that these Tokens mined cannot split.

IV: Change in the rules ONLY for the AUTO-MINING packages, e.g. Premium and Festival:

From now on, all Tokens in Premium and Festival accounts, regardless whether submitted or not for mining will split – that is new, a change in the rules.

[2/4/2016 9:04:17 PM] : Thank you for the explenation. I will pass it on to my team.

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