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Justin put minds to it
Above: Photo of  our JUST-IN-TIME New Prime Minister of Canada. Nov 5 2015  (The key I would say is put our mind within God’s guidance not man’s reckless flesh driven) More inspiring blogs at:  I lost this site and wish it could be revived some day!

Lily motto 1: Live Our Learning, Employ Our Learning to Excel!(2002 as MBA student)
Lily motto 2: Integrity Kindness and Confidence (2007-2008 as MP candidate)
Lily motto 3: IEE-Inspire, Encourage, Empower (2011 as Independent Runner for VSB)
Lily motto 4: Look Up and Stay Humble (2014 as a mentor to robot trading community)

Timeless photos of Lily standing with Leaders of Canada to Support, to Serve:

Photo of Lily with former Premier and now Ambassador to UK Hon. Gordon Campbell and Former City Council and Lawyer Garth Evans.Lily with Gordon Campbell n Garth Evans

Photo of Candidate of Premier of BC Gordon Campbell visiting The Flight Deck – airport restaurant owned by Lily in 1998. Time flies, Hon. Campbell completed his tenure as BC Premier. Now he is the Ambassador of Canada to UK 
Gordon at my airport restaurant

Visiting Parliament Hill, Hon. Minister Day and his Office. Lily was the Membership Chair for Hon. MP Day’s riding in the Okanagan in 2001, prior to her MBA study at RRU.
visiting Ottawa Hon Day

As a community leader, Lily was meeting Hon. Manning Father of Canadian Alliance (CA), and his wife Sandra. CA is the one of the 2 parties that merged and become today’s governing party of Canada call Conservative Party of Canada. Right: Lily’s mother Dr. Liu visiting Canada
Preston Manning 1

Air force members are among Lily’s beloved Canadians
with airforce 1 The buffaloes are also among Lily’s beloved mechanical beingswith airforce 2

All native Chefs become friends of Lily and The Flight Deck. Here: Chef Glenwith Native Chef Glen

Great Joy serves Canadians. Lily met many leaders in professional field: here is the famous Canadian Green Environment expert Prof. Suzuki & family.with Suzuki family

There are more Canadian leaders who are on Lily’s blessings list who have greatly inspired and shaped Lily’s “new” Canadian leadership personality. Name a few, they are: Hon. Jean Chretien former PM of Canada , Hon. Jim Hart former MP, Hon. Preston Manning and Hon. Stockwell DaySome have departed to their next journey, their loving spirit lives on. Name a few, they are Dr. Don Harvey and Mr. Murray Porter.




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