OneCoin 维卡币 Pre-IPO Opportunity

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维卡币的中文图片说明 From Bitcoin success to forecast onecoin2From Bitcoin success to forecast onecoin中国电视网报道:

“你了解比特币吗?从0.01美金短短两三年最高飙升至1100美元,成就了无数虚拟币追随者暴富奇迹.现在虚拟币和银行合作,有兑现的ATM柜员机,可以购物,许多国家已经认可了虚拟货币的存在.连 李嘉诚 都抛出房产套现转战虚拟货币投资.第一财经报道(维卡币)将超越比特币在创奇迹.你还在等待观望吗?” – 拷贝于中国的优酷网站频道。

头脑风暴 2013:比特币 是泡沫还是真金? 131222– 由此联想维卡币。

Our blog readers, (urls of Charts, public media stories, Summary are at bottom of this page)

If you wish to see the back office of 24X7 transparent activities of investors around the globe buying or mining the coins, you can sign up their free account through our recommended url: click on it and language in your choice, then click on product on the top manual, you will see options, click on Rockie Free, fill in email name etc, then check your email to activate your url to see their back office plus a Free eBook on digital money and investments. Nothing to loss. 15days  if you do not buy the basic package, account auto closes. For now with your free account you can refer to others to explore along with you.

Why should you as an investor would look into this? Bitcoin from start 15cents and in 6 years it reached 1200.00 and today still traded publicallyat 220.00 per coin. The ROI is huge. The value is keep rising if the inflation continues and people keep losing confidence in paper currencies.

We encourage all readers should do your own due diligence and google “bitcoin ROI story” to get a sense of what we are talking at. This is onecoin claims that it will be a better coins that overcomes bitcoin shortcomings such as issues of security, theft and transparency of transactions etc.

ok, sign up a free account from url:  click on it and language in your choice then click on product on the top manual, you will see options, click on Rockie Free, fill in email name etc, then check your email to activate your url to see back office. Amazing back office! Read the eBook on digital currency and investments.

Then once you decide or if you decide now to get that basic package call “Starter” to get the package with 1000 token the sooner you acquire the tokens the sooner you can exchange to coins.

Finally you must understand risk is in anything and everything. So is all pre-IPO investing such as Alibaba, facebook etc etc. all those invested at pre-IPO made significant ROI, then again bitcoin’s ROI is even bigger many times. Could anyone sure onecoin will be the same success or more or less, no one! It is a chance that we are as an investors to take seriously or regret. It is you responsibility of a choice and your future. Following we gone through all possible hands on public information to select the most easy understand ones with important information to our readers:

Important story, articles found in public media

 Here are the charts of ROI  ( mid of the page)
1. Bitcoin success chart in 6 years
2. A chart of OneCoin that the founder envisions: in one to 6 years
OneCoin Growth Projection:(functions -1. Utility 2. Value 3. Speculation)


Ok, now you as a reader has all above info. we have done all needs to be done for our own due diligence and we share our fruit of our research work the findings with you. now you can take these to further on your own due diligence.

For those of you need better understanding of our future digital money, you are welcome to come in as a free member to get the free eBook to read. Frankly risk in this onecoin investment will be always there until it arises to where bitcoin’s success. The more you understand the difference of our paper money vs this digital money, the better you can make a good informed and risk calculated decision. Once you get your free account from  you will have the eBook to read to empower you.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this  blog  from some of our Independent Associates’,  DO NOT necessarily reflect the views of onecoin, or any other party or affiliate. Viewers are advised not to take any information here without viewers own due diligence.


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