Dr. Ruja Ignatova 保加利亚的才女:茹佳博士

保加利亚的才女茹佳博士是自英国剑桥的法律系高才生。北美著名的商务投资和法律咨询公司 Mckinsey & Company 合伙人. 呈担任保加利亚金融资产公司的执行总裁 和 财务总监。

Amazing young talented professional that majored banking law and international investments, also wrote books to help people to better understand how the money was created and played in the history. Please find her info at your own back office or google etc.  It is always important to know who is the brain power and ethical believes behind any new business. Update on Apr 30 2015: Dr. Ruja on Forbes Magzine – in the mid of the page. Important PPTs from back office & our review listed bellow.

“There is no absolute guarantee in life but we can guarantee to do our best to walk in love and integrity to make differences in lives and put more joy to more hearts.”
                                   – Lily Harvey   MBA PMP  Mech. Eng.    (Lily@twitter)

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Dr Ruja PPT

 Some important information links:

OneCoin PPT – by our team from info we have learnt

OneCoinOfficial_ENG_BonusPlan_June2015  – From Back Office

How+to+start+your+business – From Back Office

OneCoin_Leadership Rewards PPT – From Back Office

OneCoin_The_Owner Dr. Ruja –  From Back Office

Tables of OneCoin invest/betting Packages cost, BV, Token, Payout structures as following:  ( For those need extra brain storming to pan out best positioning, call our free 30 min’ consultation: 604.800.8316 to book a session – recommended )5 Inv Package Table

OneCoin Future Speculation_Apr 24 2015

Current Achieved: as July 22 2015

OneCoin launch in Jan 2015 in HK started value of 0.50 euro
Token used to mine coin in Feb was 4 tokens, then 6, then 8, then 10, then 12, now is 14.7
Exchange among over 400K coin owners started in June 2015
Current OneCoin Trading bid/ask=1.45 to 1.55 euro

OneCoin Progress is in the speed of 24X7 weekly, expecting by the end of 2015, OneCoin will arrive to 3-5.00 euro


Illustration above speculation of Onecoin value growth and investor/learner/coin owner members’ revenue income in 4 bonus and 2 rewards in the following pictures and tables: Visist Dove Global Students page

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