Olalla 5

This page recorded the Life Attack that park care taker Jackie and Art talked Park Owner into together attacked us, caused tremendous stress, health issue and time lost from us and time consumed gov teams to check on details and bring all to the light.

The conclusion from Mike T. Director of Authorization of the ministry of Forests, Land, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development: “In fact you are not trespass the Crown Land, you have the ability to pass the crown land. ” Listen to it:


This week from April 12 to today April 15 2021, At the immediate attention from all levels of governments especially the ministry of Forests, Land, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, the ADM and Director of Authorization direct looked into this Life Attack Matter, had staff team checked maps of details, above is the voice verdict from Mike T. Director of Authorizations of this Ministry on this matter.  Detailed policy that prepared by ADM can be viewed at this link.  Jackie and Art have deceived park owner to allow them to act breach MHPTA term #21, 22, 23… see MHPTA.

Following are the pics with notes that we have presented to BC Gov and RDOS:

Here is our drive way enter our car garage.  Up to the right white structure is the water reservoir for this area, further up there is a family land owned by Ken and Laura, they too, much troubled by the logging company dust and the rough way of using the road. 

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