You are Faithful Song and Blessings

Click on Nov 27 and 28 2014 KCMCanada BroadCasting, song and blessing words at the end of the inspiring video clips. May you open your heart to receive such powerful blessings for your great 2015 Abundance and Prosperity in Life & Spirit, Career, Business.

Nov. 27 2014 is Thanksgiving Day, a day of many grateful hearts being so thankful to their loved ones, family and friends…

Today as Nov. 28th, their url seems down, so come back later to visit, hear and receive such powerful love and blessings!

This song and blessings took me hours in quiet moments to count my blessings and thinking of the angels in my journey and also I witnessed and touched by seeing… So, my friend and visitor, if you come here because of my email to you last night, you know that I was holding you in my gratitude last night.

May this touch and enrich your kindness and faith in love! Have a Great 2015!

Lily Harvey

These video links, the source is all from KCM.ORG. Bless KCM ministry who has faithfully teaching God’s word since 1969, created all these inspirations to millions of lives!



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