Olalla 4

April 15: Fire Mitigation Chief in this region area Brent L. of BC Gov. confirmed we did our April 12th burning correctly.  What Jackie did and your e-letter on April 12th are serious invasion of our lives and have caused stress and health issue, also further delayed mom return to Vancouver.

This page documents Jackie’s disturbing and invasion of our peaceful living:
April 12 2021 when Ron and a church friend help burn these wind fall branches, Jackie came to take pictures as if we were doing something wrong. Her motive to false accusing us has invaded our lives.   Jackie’s act breached MHPTA term #21, 22, 23..

This week is allow residents to burn debris, so we do this in this nice mid-day: As you can see we got all safety covered – see water wholes on site and helpers and watchers:

The day of Jackie’s hiss of ” We will get you” – Ron had reported to you in his email to you.

The time of Jackie motivate Paula to against us. – I have cced you these evidence during the dealing with the ungrateful lie telling buyer.

For you good and Jackie’s good and all seniors’ life quality in this park, we hope God send you Godly care takers have some integrity and love for truth and life of others.

Our stand is clear: We hate evil but we love the man. We are deeply saddened by what Jackie did to me, mom and now to Ron and us, and you chose not stop that evil invaded the hearts of Jackie and Art, but let be deceived by the false reports from Jackie’s.


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