BitCoin Success vs OneCoin

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Important story, articles found in public media: (有趣的中文论坛在下方)

Story about bitcoin huge ROI story: 27.00 becomes 800K USD 27.00 bitcoin

Article on Dec 23rd 2014 about why Bitcoin now has become too expensive to invest, but OneCoin is a re-design based on the inspiration and concept but in building with much higher tech caliber, is a chance to invest with risk management in mind.Bitcoin rush now costy

 Here are the charts of ROI

1. Bitcoin success chart in 6 years:Bitcoin success story

A chart of OneCoin that the founder envisions: in one to 6 yearsOneCoin Projection

OneCoin Growth Projection:(functions -1. Utility 2. Value 3. Speculation)
OneCoin Value

Interesting discussion on the bitcoin good or bad vs money in the history in Chinese video records    20140127《财经郎眼》:比特币真相    – enjoy  


Ok, now you as a reader has all above info. we have done all needs to be done for our own due diligence and we share our fruit of our research work the findings with you. now you can take these to further on your own due diligence.

For those of you need better understanding of our future digital money, you are welcome to come in as a free member to get the free eBook to read. Frankly risk in this onecoin investment will be always there until it arises to where bitcoin’s success. The more you understand the difference of our paper money vs this digital money, the better you can make a good informed and risk calculated decision. Once you get your free account from you will have the eBook to read to empower you.

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