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Lily Harvey’s Personal Motto: Integrity, Kindness and Confidence!
Lily Harvey’s Coaching Mission: Inspire and Empower!

Lily Harvey Business & Project Management-Coach Profile

What does Lily do and what Lily and her team can do for you?
Lily is an energetic Business-Coach who considers herself is a life-long mentoree, mentor. She and her team are focusing on coaching Success Mind Programming and Effective Project-Management. Lily’s programs and classes can help you to achieve following goals:
* Fast track of PMP skills with internationally recognized credentials
* Manifest the techniques that can transform your business and YOU

Lily’s brief credential background:
Lily is a highly dedicated PMP since 2005, with a background of an MBA from Royal Roads University, an Interpreter for the Court of British Columbia with an Immigration-Consultant-Diploma from Ashton-College. She had years of experience as a board director of a few local boards in Canada-and-USA since 1995. Prior to 1995, she was a national designated Mechanical-Engineer in the oil-industry in China. She is always grateful to the inspiration from her parents who were medical doctors and her grandfather who was a renowned international-commercial-lawyer in China prior 60’s. Their ethics in their professional service, their action to save lives even in the darkest days during the culture revelation, their faith and optimism had influenced Lily’s professionalism profoundly.

Lily’s fast track learning and fast track development for serving WE:
In order to provide best service, Lily had gone through the best trainings herself among the most amazing business coaching-programs provided by Donald Trump, Harv Eker, The Rich Dad Robert Kyosaki, and more… Lily is gifted to absorb the most advanced powerful knowledge, is blessed to have the ability to build on the learnt knowledge to create new tools and systems for outstanding performance and powerful thinking process. Her engineering ability, business acumen, unspeakable intuition, farsighted vision, great compassion and faith in each individual’s potential, certainly are gifts and fortunes that she has received along her journey. Lily is breeding her gifts and blessings to her-students through her coaching programs and classes of Project Management.

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