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Entrepreneur, Investor, PMP Trainer. I love wisdom, knowledge, science & beauty in life!

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Lily Harvey, founder of Dove Globaland many projects: CoolTrade support blog Cool Trader 123mentors & supports 180+ followers to learn-robotics-trading-system. Spiritually, Lily is a Partner of KCM.Org advocates Walking In Love & Kindness (see gifts). She was a fashion model n a Mech. Eng. for oil industry, then CEO/COO of a BC Airport Restaurant. She achieved an MBA from Royal Roads, PMP from PMI and also past language accreditation test from IRB.


https://twitter.com/lilyharvey  – You are invited to follow Lily to get her daily twits.

http://schoolofwisdom.info/contact-us/beautiful-holiday-stays – Save this link if you plan to have a holiday in these amazing places in Canada and USA.

https://cooltraders123.wordpress.com/  – You will find resourceful info on the only one in the world truly 100% automation robot trading :)

http://www.kcm.org/advent  – now is upcoming Xmas gifts, food for our souls.


http://oldversion.lilyharvey.info/photogallery/ – Graphics captured of the spectacular and precious moments of Lily’s journey in Canada and her impact in lives.


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