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Get your OneCoins ASAP! Why? – Please do your own due diligence before enter. 2020 notes from Lily: The founder of OC is missing…left investors lost money. We learnt big lesson do NOT trust any so called guru backed by so called reputable institutes for none of them truly trustworthy, for the current system runs the way to make majority loss. The more someone talk about how to get huge profit, the quicker you need run away!

Only the true goodness of serving people can bring you a good life! The key is to learn how to find the real one among so many fake ones. Today our education systems have lost to the focus on profit and need of popularity. The vital foundation of  true wisdom and teach students true wisdom is no longer there. You still can find it from the bible and books of Buddha wisdom and contact us to get customized coaching program.

1. Lily’s twitts of timely wisdom n inspirations from the source

2KCM.ORG – Lily is a partner of this Church too!

3.Wow on 100% Automation Trading Robots! (This is not for new investors but for those very seasoned also disciplined traders. do your own diligence!) 

4.power of our word

5. paradise in BC Canada – time share program contact us by email. Video tour:)

6. Plan a holidays w. Phoneix Executive Life Style 

7. Vancouver Holiday Stays contact us by email

8.Beautiful Vancouver Views – need a private tour guide, email us

Lily Harvey, founder of Dove Globaland many projects: CoolTrade support blog Cool Trader 123 mentors & supports 180+ followers to learn-robotics-trading-system. Spiritually, Lily is a Partner of KCM.Org advocates Walking In Love & Kindness (see gifts). She was a fashion model n a Mech. Eng. for oil industry, then CEO/COO of a BC Airport Restaurant. She achieved an MBA from Royal Roads, PMP from PMI and also past language accreditation test from IRB.

http://lilyharvey.com/2015-powerful-tools-to-success/onecoin-pre-ipo-opportunity/onecoin-updates/ (do your own dilligence!)

https://twitter.com/lilyharvey  – You are invited to follow Lily to get her daily twits.

http://schoolofwisdom.info/contact-us/beautiful-holiday-stays – Save this link if you plan to have a holiday in these amazing places in Canada and USA.

https://cooltraders123.wordpress.com/  – You will find resourceful self help info on the only one in the world truly 100% automation robot trading 🙂

http://www.kcm.org/advent  – now is upcoming Xmas gifts, food for our souls.


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