Painting_The Almighty Elephants 大象勇士

Another Piece Title: Forever Love 狮子的永爱    More

Title: Not on my Watch!    48X60
Story: Facing unexpected intrusion from a group of lions, the elephant couple demonstrated great power to protect their baby elephant, by keep the baby sheltered and the father elephant and the mother elephant back to back, shoulder to shoulder moving cautiously away from the danger.

故事:遇到意外入侵 一群狮子、大象夫妇表现出无比的权力,保护自己的孩子象, 婴儿的大象母亲庇护婴儿和 大象的父亲背对背,肩并肩移动谨慎地远离危险。

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Paint by a famous native American. More is coming…
Container with protection foaming cover and all necessary parts will be used to pack this valuable collection item. Act fast to be the first buyer owner of this painting.


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