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Disclaimer: All info listed here is from our OneCoin team members’ best understanding, NOT from OneCoin company Nor to guarantee any accuracy, It is viewers’ own responsibility to do his/her own due diligence and study to decide its own action.

Nov 3 2017 Update Briefing:
Banks accepting onecoin

OneCoin Review USA – Is it a good investment?

Jan 2017 Update Briefing:
Now OneCoin has over 2.7 Million mining owner members and over 35% of the 2.1 billion coins minded. Once hit 30%, we expect the IPO will be announced – It did! Current OC is around 7 Euro while Bitcoin now is 1180 CAD. IPO will take place around July 2018, and expect OC goes to 25 + euro.

For those missed bitcoin opportunity and want to Catch this time on OC, just contact us.

Up to July 14 2016 News

Dr. Ruja Ignatova Talk about The Blockchain & OneCoin Concept

July MLM report on top earners

Article of how blockchains could change the world

Talk about OneLife

July 2 2016: A podcast on bitcoin – someone doubled down possession on bitcoin, which gives us a sense of today and future cryptocurrency market for OC :


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OC is arising without precedent! As of Mar 31 2016, OC difficulty level now is 57 token. OC at 5.6-5.8 euro.  Members now 1.78 Million in 200+ countries. OC Mined over 27% of toal 2.1 B coins. WOW!!! Dr. Ruja is heading to Harbin, P.R. CHINA on April 23 Saturday 2016 !

Dec 16 2015 – Most up to date facts on OneCoin mentioned in blog: Cool Traders 123 

Nov 9 2015: Wow! difficult level from 25 token rose to 34 token to mine one OneCoin, back office internal trading bid and ask on OneCoin is 3.224 vs 3.324:34 token now

On November 14th, you will have the rare opportunity to meet Dr. Ruja Ignatova and OneCoin in Stockholm (Sweden).

Learn more about cryptocurrency and the future of payments with the CEO of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova:
How can you benefit from using cryptocurrency?
How does OneCoin change the world of payments already today?
What is the future of payments and transactions in a technologically advanced, global world?
Take advantage of the unique chance to meet with Dr. Ruja Ignatova – the CEO of one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies globally, OneCoin! See you there!
More details will follow during the State of the Nation webinar!


Oct 14-15 2015: Dr. Ruja speech at EU Economic SummitOneCoin has reached market capitalization of ONE BILLION EURO and continue GROW FAST. More: Her speech at EU Economic Summit video.   OneCard Explained

Oct. 5 2015: The List of 196 countries where are the current OneCoin Owners – find the your countries name then envision what you can do with this historical opportunity. We will be happy to hear your thoughts! Our email: Or simply call and leave message for us to contact you. Our tel: 604.800.8316 or 602.507.9681

Oct 2 2015: Current OneCoin in its entering 10th month, its value at 2.45-2.85 euro.  It was 0.50 at its launch in HK in Jan 2015, then up and up and in early Sep was 1.45-1.85. It is expected to reach 4-5 euro at the end of this year. Merchants will come in 2016 to accept OneCoins. Current members hold accounts passed 600,000 and coin owners in over 194 countries in the world. OneCoin is getting massive merchants ready to accept OneCoins and it is setting up its BANK! OneCoin MASTER CARD will be ready for OneCoin holders to use around the world wherever they travel to. wow!!!! Nov. Digital coin investment courses will start in some USA universities. see posts at earlier dates here.

Be aware that OneCoin is the first and only company does monthly auditing.  

Be aware of OneCoin passion for Charity for children and educationInterview with Dr. Ruja, founder of OneCoin and Her OneWorldFoundation documentation video.

How to Buy and Sell OneCoins and Tokens from your back office is easy as this video shows  – To establish a Free back office before fund it is easy through this link. If you need free support, email to:

Youtube reveals Shocking Facts and How OneCoin Will Change The World Finance| Bucharest Event OneCoin – how OneCoin compay is building up the merchants, OneCoin Bank, Master Card

Sep 2015 Crazy deal in this sept. Promo: Contact us for details. (finished.)

Sep 29 2015 Update on OneCoin from the team group from HQ: 4 High Lights!

– 1. First, OneCoin is already one of the top 3 global cryptocurrency market players! It is present in 194 countries, with nearly 600,000 members and 340,490000 OneCoins mined!

New, updated and exciting video content has been uploaded in your backoffice!
Levels 1 and 2 of OneAcademy – our most valuable asset that offers you exclusive access to video lectures developed in cooperation with university professors is now uploaded.

Remember that OneAcademy brings to you everything you need to know about finance, money management, cryptocurrency and much more in one brilliant educational package! The remaining levels are coming soon!


– 4. A NEW SPLIT HAPPENED! If you have a Starter package, it will split once. But if you upgrade to Trader, it will split again once. If you then upgrade to Tycoon – the account will split only once more, as every account can split up to maximum three times, except for the new Premium Trader pack!
If you have a Premium Trader pack you receive 2 splits, equaling 600,000 Tokens! But with the correct strategy, when moving from Tycoon to Premium, you could benefit from additional splits, in all – up to 4 splits! With Premium Trader, you receive the splits even if your Tokens have been submitted for mining – and additionally, profit from a low mining difficulty. Premium Trader is the only package where the mining difficulty will always be 1 Token less than the mining difficulty of all other packages.

Sep 10 2015 event: How OneCoin Will Change The World Finance| Bucharest Event OneCoin


Aug 29 2015 Exciting! Courses on cryptocurrencies are entering Universities!

From OneCoin holders group chat, new exciting info on Innovation, Disruption and Cryptoventures – Two top-ranked US universities, New York University and Duke University, are offering courses on cryptocurrencies for the first time.
The Stanford University School of Engineering in Stanford, Calif. will offer a new course, Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends, in September. The course lasts from Sept. 21 to Dec. 9, 2015. This extensive course covers the background knowledge needed to fully comprehend the principles behind bitcoin, the history and development of crypto-currencies, the peer-to-peer network and how to safely use and store bitcoin and data security.

Aug 20 2015 update what was learnt from OneCoin group blog:  Fresh news from the head office in Sofia –
1. OneCoin future looks promising, company has plans for a few years ahead. Currently company is facing a huge task of expansion. By the end of this year, staff will expand from 60 to 100 employees. Due to expansion new bigger office facilities have to be found. Company already has 5 offices in Bulgaria, also offices are in HongKong, Philippines, Vietnam and Dubai. 
2. OneCoin starting to merging with partners (companies who want to use OneCoin as currency) when 30% of OneCoins are mined. Currently it is 12%.
3. The most fast growing market of OneCoin is Asia. Due to this fact, the company will expand their activities in Europe. German Law Company gave a legal opinion about OneCoin marketing plan.
Briefly – the OneCoin concept meets the requirements of the German law, the most strict in EU
4. Currently OneCoin have over 494 000 members. Estimated quantity till the end of this year is 1 mln.
5. Money transfer system has been upgraded to be able to sent cash from Cash Account not only to downline members, but also to upline. This way you can better manage your funds and quickly send assets between your team members.
6. Now is very advantageous period for investing to OneCoin cryptocurrency. In the end of 2015, the price for 1 OC will be about 4-5 euro. Wow!!!

<end of Aug 20 2015 update>

Above short links listed here again for viewers easy click on to access:
– OneCoin in Romania:
– What the women professionals saying about OneCoin opportunity:
– This current page listed ALL latest updates:

Understand OneCoin 中文的 PPT_chinese pdf.   English PPT_July22 2015  English video PPT in Englsih  Anther PPT video Must See!    Meet the Women of OneCoin in USA and Canada – Leaders of Digital Currency – They’re professional women!

Alive mining update!!!    Alive Blockchain    BitCoin FAQs    Dr Ruja & KEY info 

July 18 2015  OneCoin-update for the Month of July 2015

July 13, 2015 Report on our auditing on OneCoin fascinating events in a speed of lightning:
Jan. initial launch in HK, Feb. mining 1 coin at 4 tokens, Mar-Apr. at 6 tokens, May-June 10 tokens and July 12 tokens. In June started trading among members around world. July 6 officially launched USA market; Last week ask/bid around 1.25 euro, tonight we found the bid/ask is 1.45-1.55 euro. It would be too long writing here if we count the launching in many other countries since Jan. incl. the Dubai launch Au Gold Coin.

We come to this impression: If OneCoin keeps this momentum, to repeat a greater history than BitCoin is not maybe or when, it is likely sooner.

OneCoin is the only digital coin that using 3rd party auditing on monthly base. They have clear vision to become the OneCard for all to use globally. It means that the none printable digital currencies will kill credit cards gradually. This can be massively quick – the faster the people adopt using digital Coins, the faster the blood sucker beast of credit cards dies!

July 6 2015: Opened USA Market after USA Independence Day 🙂  USA now on a high speed run !

June 20 2015 Streamed alive: OneCoin in Romania

June 18 2015: OneCon Nation call 06/18/2015 Recorded

May 24 2015 – From Tel.conference of update key changes upcoming in OneCoins:
1. Token assistance will be discontinued after May 31 2015
2. The free AuC comes with each learning package will be discontinued in Sep. 2015.
Currently OneCoins mined over 140 Million coins about 7% of the total 2.1 Billion coins vs. Bitcoin mined over 50% of their total 21 Million coins.
Bitcoin starts at 10 c on Jan 3 2009
, reached peak of 1240 in 5 years, now it trades around 300 usd/coin. See Google Finance.

May 18 2015 – Dubai Event completed on May 15th. Event video:
15 05 15 Aurum Gold Coin
OneCoin to become largest cryptocurrency
OneCoin Dr. Ruja Ignatova in dubai
A member at event venue skyped that USA market officially opened. USA registrations will open soon. The official launch will be on July 4th, 2015. There will be a soft launch already in the next 10 days. Wow!!!  Also new gaming is coming: COINVEGASEU OneCoin Casino and Sportsbetting  Casino starts June 1 and Sport bets starts July 1. Wow! (Play for charity ok, but Pls do not gamble away your onecoin! Lily says)May 15 Dubai event

New facts on May 13 2015 from one of our OneCoin member that will give some perspective of where this is going:
– Jan 20, 2015 – 1st 60,000 coins mined in Hong Kong . 4 Tokens to mine 1 Coin
– Feb – Reached 43.2 Million Coins mined – level of difficulty increases to 4.5 tokens to mine 1 coin
– End of March – Reached 86.4 Million Coins mined – next level of difficulty – 6 Tokens now to mine 1 coin
– April 2 – reached  142,463 Members, OneCoin 90,050,000 Mined
– May 7 – Members 248,618, OneCoins Mined – 138,710,000
Token needed to mine One Coin – 10 tokens for automatic mining and 11 for manual mining.
– May 13 – reached 264,000 members and 146 Millions coins mined
– June 4 2015 – Reached 345,307 members and 178 Million coins minded. see:

News on May 3 2015: OneCoin – 240,000 Paid Members After 5 Months

Update on Apr 30 2015: Dr. Ruja on Forbes Magazine Interview  (English at bottom, need magnify 500% to be able to read)
Dr Ruja on Forbes

Sebastian’s last webinar on April 29 2015-explaining after KYC in Onepay -we get our Mastercards sent home!!!

Update on Apr 20 2015: 6 token exchange 1 Onecoin. Mined coins is passing 113 Million!

Update on Apr 14 2015: 6 token exchange 1 Onecoin. Mined coins is passing 106 Million

Update on Mar 25 2015:
In Feb 2015, it used to mine at 4 tokens per 1 coin now at 4.5 tokens per 1 coin because the mining reached the next level of difficulty at 43.2 million. Now onecoin 77 million coins mined at today Mar 25th . Don’t know when the next level of difficulty. Maybe double from 43.2
The more delay mining, the more difficult gets.
Start Now Page to your free registration

For those understand Chinese, this video clip of public media interview debate on bitcoin will help us understand this OneCoin: (这是中国新闻界的大众论坛视频)

Latest Updates on Feb 23 2015:
●Master Card & Union Pay Card, linked directly to investor’s One Coin Crypto Currency account in 30 days.
●Dubai May 15th One Coin Event.
●Kevin Thompson lawyer under contract with One Coin for USA market.
●Long term CASH RUN with One Coin is all set.
Blockchain verifies all One Coin mining pools & crypto currency coins mined.

April 20th 2015 Update on how to purchase the learning packages:
All package 1, 2,3,4 & 5 can do online credit card payment. If encounter any issue, all you do is call your credit card company talk with security division and they will make sure your learning package purchasing transaction go through successfully.
OneCoin investor learners do online payment via Master Card for 130 to 5000 Euro  based on the package you choose + transaction fee to get the learning package. All packages comes with free tokens and Au Coins for upcoming exercise what you have learnt put to use.

For those wish to learn all levels of the course packages of One Academy, contact our Tycoon Team 604.800.8316 or email to:

Wait for next spilt. Double your tokens means the doubled token you can mine for coins.
●Watch “The new cryptocurrency – Aurum Gold Coin” on YouTube
The new cryptocurrency – Aurum Gold Coin:

China Union Pay card linked to investor learners’ One Coin account.

● Watch “OneCoin-The Future of Cryptocurrency” on YouTube
OneCoin-The Future of Cryptocurrency:

Contact us (DL: 604 800 8316) if you are a serious about learning be a smart investor. We help you enroll a free account. We also teaches the course.

FYI: 5000 Euro package is the best VALUE PACK – All 5 levels of One Academy Courses + 60,000 token can exchange coins + 2500 mg Au coin that back up by real gold. PLUS, 2 times split opportunities. Other packages only have 1 split chance.

Tycoon pack invest learners today and tomorrow as the owners of Tycoon pack coins would looking at 30-60 Million Euro in 6 year If it repeat Bitcoin’s success, which is highly likely. Even though, it is a personal risk like taking on any invest and project.
The Starter package cost 130 euro, with less split opp. it still will grow into 50K euro in 6 years if the bitcoin success be repeated or greater. Again nothing certain until future arrives.


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