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PMP® stands for Project Management Professional Designation. It is one of the highest professional designations around world.
PMI – established in 1969 by 5 founders
207 countries, 279 chapters, 712,948 active PMP Members

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The Value of Project Management Professional PMP® Designation:

Project managers around the globe and from major corporations know the value of PMP® Designation. Whether you’re seeking career progression, greater employability, increased salary, personal professional development and professional brand name in business and in society… PMP® also commonly as known as PMP® Certification.  PMP® is a proven fast track to become a most capable and most trusted professional in any fields globally.

Lily Harvey has developed a bundled learning experience to create a Manifesting Fast Tracking Training and Coaching in less 3 months for experienced project managers to pass PMP® exam. The value of crashing the time and her enlightened manifesting approach is invaluable and mastery.

The Top Skill Set for All Industries!
As far as skill sets go, project management oriented leadership & execution skills consistently seen as the top CEO skills and competencies set by organizational development specialists

The following PMI®’s latest salary survey reflects the ultimate quality of project management skill and the level of the ethics of those management professionals have gone through the training and passed the PMP® exam.

PMI®’s latest international salary survey:

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