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Following 3 short videos provide you simple clear info to determine how you can benefit from our project management simulation training packages:

#1. Partner Program call ASP (Authorized Solution Provider): If you have the network and wish to help member professionals to pass PMP exam, you want to earn commission from your efforts of referring students to use our packages, here is the why should you apply to be a partner video:

#2. Simulator Promo for learners: If you are professionals plan to pass PMP exam: (when you become a student also has network skills and social media skills, we are supportive to you apply to be a partner to earn commission. Why NOT?), here is the why should you buy the training package video:

3#. Training/Chapter Simulator for training Co. and none profit organizations: If you are a training company or a none profit organization, nothing is more effective boost to a carrer than mastering the project management skills and pass PMP  exam to get PMP designationfrom PMI, here is why you should book meeting with us to customize to best fit your organization goal of helping members personal and carrer development video:  The sample Partner is offering PMP exam training.

After watch above 3 videos and knowing what you want, If your choice is #2, then you can keep reading following info and links to further explore info on which training package should you choose; If your choice is #1 and #3, please email us your profile for Qualification process:

Here is The comparison of the 5 packs of simulators to help you or your friends to pass PMP exam. If it is not for you, please read on to help your friends who need this for a cutting edge career advancement.

After you see above difference of these pack offerings, we would like to invite you to join a  training program by choosing from the following packs, register the right package for you:

If you are determined to pass at first time, the best unlimited package is the most popular one: Training Simulator Trainer/Examiner Package (120 days access, unlimited exams):

If you are determined to pass at first time, also you already had some good preparation before, then this pack likely sufficient for you: Platinum Package (90 days access, 12 exams):

If you are determined to pass at first time, also you already had quite a lot good preparation before,Gold Package (60 days access, 8 exams):

If you are not ready to pass first time but like to have some real exam experience, then choose Silver Package (30 days access, 4 exams):

If you are totally new of this professional test and like to see what’s about and what are the basic features can help you pass PMP exam when you are ready, then for sure get this FREE Simulator Package (5 days access, 2 exams):

Please go to the above links to choose the right one for you to click for registration.

Registration in 3 SIMPLE STEPS:
1. Go to the registration link.
2. Fill up the form. It will lead you to the payment gateway.
3. You will get a confirmation email and your account will be activated within few hours.


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