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All following info are from 2014-2016. OneCoin from start of 25c euro on its launching day in HK in Jan 2014, now it has grown into the largest digital ownership in the world total with 2.7 million owners in over 200 countries, it’s value of today is over 7 euro per coin. It was born from the inspiration from Bitcoin and now grow faster and larger ownership than Bitcoin. Current BitCoin traded over 1100 USD per coin. OneCoin has set the date of going IPO in the 2nd quarter of 2018. So far its story and it journey IS FASCINATING! They are the first coin came with their education packages under OneCoin Academy. Following you will explore the OneCoin Academy Courses in 5 levels. 

———————– Following info on OneCoin (short as OC) from 2014-2016Learn secrets of trading– Free enroll for new learners as Rookie to have a peek of back office to see transaction globally 24X7 and receive a Free eBook “Think and Grow Rich” and a newsletter regarding the development of OneCoin.

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To enroll at the level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 learning programs, see following briefing info:

The perspective & what’s HAPPENING? See OneCoin info Update  Learners

– 5 Levels of Courses Introduction 维卡币学院五级教程介绍 –

The One Academy education package – a guide to becoming a knowledgeable investor!

Covering methodologies, theoretical concepts and practices that the majority of successful traders around the globe employ, our comprehensive education materials will help you master the tools and skills you need to profit from trading on financial markets.

What is more, the tutorials will immerse you into the exciting field of one of “hottest” assets in the financial world that has gained mass popularity in recent years – cryptocurrency.

The One Academy education package consists of five levels. They cover areas such as: asset types, types of financial markets, types of financial analysis and tools for asset valuation and price predictions. The name of the five levels are:
L1-Starter; L2 -Trader; L3 -Pro-Trader; L4- Executive Trader; L5-Tycoon Trader!

Free enroll/register learner as Rookie receive eBook: The Rich Man of Babylan

The higher the level, the more advanced the material presented, hence the more valuable the knowledge you obtain.  Course names of these 5 levels: (most popular in dark black)
L1-Starter; L2 -Trader; L3 -Pro-Trader; L4- Executive Trader; L5-Tycoon Trader

Learning product packages: (Click 2 Enlarge all following images)Package 345Package 0125 Inv Package TableLearn secrets of tradingFree Sign Up Now  or eMail to:  Tel: 6048008316

Introductory Level 1 will get you acquainted with the fundamentals and basics of financial markets, assets and trading. You will obtain useful background information which will allow you to build your knowledge in the more advanced Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 that follow. Be aware that all levels are not distinct 5 – in fact, each level represents an extension of the previous levels.

Therefore, be sure to read each level carefully and thoroughly – missing key details in one level can prevent you from expanding your knowledge in the next levels.

L1_Cover page

Level 1_Table of Contents Page 1:

L1_Content Page 1

Level 1_Table of Contents Page 2:

L1_Content Page 2

Level 1_Table of Contents Page 3

L1_Content Page 3*******************************************************************L2_Cover page

Level 2_Table of Contents Page 1L2_Content Page 1

Level 2_Table of Contents Page 2L2_Content Page 2

Level 2_Table of Contents Page 3L2_Content Page 3

Level 2_Table of Contents Page 4

L2_Content Page 4    Level 2_Table of Contents Page 5L2_Content Page 5

  Level 3_Table of Contents Page 1L3_Content Page 1L3_Content Page 2L3_Content Page 3L3_Content Page 4L3_Content Page 5

 Level 4_Table of Contents Pages:

L4_Content Page 2L4_Content Page 3L4_Content Page 4L4_Content Page 5

Level 5_Table of Contents Page 1L5_Content Page 1L5_Content Page 2 L5_Content Page 3 L5_Content Page 4

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