OneCoin Update_July 2015

OneCoin Update: (  维卡币走势 )
FYI:  OneCoin initial launched in HK on Jan 22rd 2015. Value of the first OneCoin is 0.50 Euro. Now entered 27th week as today July 27 2015, the internal trading among nearly half million members bid/ask 1.45/1.55 euro. Euro to purchase token also rises each day, now at 14.7 cents euro. OneCoin is expected to soar to 3-5 euro by the end of the year. Gifting Gold Coins promo ends in Sept. – soon!Weekly progress map
2016 will be another level since merchants will flood in. If you are merchant, you need to do research on wave coffee who are the ones first massively adopt bitcoin ATM and likely will do so for OneCoin too, this will give you a clue how to position your retail biz in taking in coins that can holds the value plus huge ROI if keep certain a mount over the time period of 5-6 years. Often history repeats.
Current it is trading at 1.45-1.55 euro. 维卡币现时内部交易价 1.45-1.55 欧元. 预计年底会达 3-5 欧元. 一旦开放市场, 将是先入者的比特币的历史再现但相信会更辉煌. (see bottom pics of illustration)
Direct coin trading limited among coin owners – now is nearly 1/2 million accounts. and in 7 month over 22 million coins mined. about 10% of the total 2.1 billion coins. Compare with BitCoin, it was created of total 21 Million Coins, it is now over 50% coins mined in less 6 years. at its 4th and 5th years, it reached 1000 USD and Max at 1240 USD. So for those missed BitCoin Train, now OneCoin is THE Train in our time to catch to relive that BitCoin historical moments.
Mining a OneCoin in Feb was 4 token, then up to 6, then 8, then 10 then 12, then 13.5,  TODAY as July 21: 14.7 token to mine a coin.
Members of mining and owning onecoin from Jan launch in HK then many other countries then July 6 launch USA, so at Only 7th month onecoin ownership accounts grow to near 0.5 Million. Total coins mined over 240.55 Million at this min. (you can always check that 24X7 alive site: It is a over 10% of the total 2.1 Billion coins created for mining. 
Bitcoin total created 21 million and in 6 years has mined over 50%. from this moment google search to ask how many people holds bicoin, it shows under 1 million. So from any perspective, OneCoin likely will out perform bitcoin and any other private coins. 
So in order for you in the know, we post what is the latest and most important info to coin owners and owner-to-be from info available at onecoins back office or in the media: ( It is readers’ responsibility to further the due diligence)
OneCoin is still at ground level to grow! Good timing to own some coins now through the One Academy Courses, from Starter to Tycoon packages, each comes with certain amount of Free Tokens and Gold Coins (Gold Coins gifting will be discontinued once enter Sep.) 
We will be happy to help you if you wish us to register you a free account in the right position according to your choice of which pack you wish to purchase online. Once you have that free url, you can check out the back end for further evaluation before execute your purchasing on your own decision.  You can contact us through:
1. WeChat: LilyHarvey    or  Skype: dove global
2. email to:
3. Simply call/ leave clear message for call back. Tel: 604.800.8316 or USA tel: 602.507.9681
If you are a do-it-yourself person, if you choose to position coins as a Pro-trader or Executive package or the Tycoon package, you can choose following any url to sponsor you:  – make sure to check mark all boxes to have all benefits in the future.
Following are key info for you quick glance: Choice of the packages, value of the coin, forecast, history chart of  bitcoin
– you can get them all – once you go to OR: access to your back office.
 OneCoin Value OneCoin Projection  From Bitcoin success to forecast onecoin 5 Inv Package TableGold Bonus

Finally, Lily & Her Team Wish You the Reader A Great Summer!

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