2017 3rd weekend – We entered a NEW Era

Jan 20 2017, Friday, the elected President Trump Inauguration took place. In my observation, it confirms that you and me, we entered a New Era that God is in Action NOW to put his people who are believes in God and Jesus the Lord to reign the earth.

President TRUMP’s Inauguration speech will be a lasting inspiration to ALL hearts that are longing Good, Just, Kind, Peace, Prosper and Love; will awaken the wicked hearts that were corrupted by wrong believes. His words are living and brought tears of JOY from many; his words are healing because the truth set you free; his words are uniting because his strong passion of serving protecting God’s people; his faith in God brings hope to ALL Americans – Overall I see God’s manifestation of heavenly wisdom, authority, power of love in President Trump’s presence and his speech, I see God’s manifestation of power of love in the ALL audiences attended today’s Inauguration in the rain of Blessing. This rain in my seeing is like God’s anointing, may very well is the anointing from Him.

Here are the video clips that I consider classic and will be written into the extension of bible stories of our time. Enjoy and Have a Great Weekend!  (Inauguration Script)

Trump Inauguration Speech (FULL) | ABC News

Kellyanne Conway: Inauguration Marks a ‘Fresh Start’ for the Country

Trump signs first official documents as US president

These  video clips are from youtube.com. At the end of each clip you will see the completed credits. Bless Them ALL who recorded and shared with public on youtube.

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