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Note to readers: All answers here are from independent OneCoin members at their best knowledge. Errors may exist. Readers should do your own due diligence and consult a finance consultant who is knowledgeable about digital coin currency.

Q: Who my money pay to?

A: Once you decide which investment course package to purchase, you click on that product pack, do online payment via credit card. Be aware of one time 30 euro fee. also the 3rd party online transaction fee to credit card company.
Credit Card payable to OneCoin Ltd.
Since the 3rd party transaction often has tech issue beyond OneCoin control. Many of the members like to use wire – fast, certain and safe. We can show you how to wire without any mistake. It takes 1-2 business days show up at your OneCoin back office.
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Q: How my money used for?
A: You money is pay for the investment course. Just like you pay to access any education program at a university.
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Q: How OneCoin operates? – details see OneCoin PPT at about Dr. Ruja – look for June 2015 PPT
A: OneCoin has on going operation in-
– daily logistics on all income accounts for each members. Each member who bought investment pack has following accounts: 1. cash account, trading account 3. token account 4. onecoin account  Once AGC gifting stopped, it likely will have AGC account for members to buy AGC gold coin from own account back office.
 Further each day office provides all member supports
– managing the pool mining for all members
– managing info update on external service such as 3rd party weekly auditing
– marketing such as it has opened almost all countries where bitcoin goes, now efforts to educate more people to know about this and efforts to be ready for all merchants to come in 2016 to accept OneCoin just like accept bitcoin.
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Q: what do I do with onecoin?
A: Now, you can hold it for growing its value just like hold gold and silver, plus like hold a promising stock using Apple stocks as example by hold some Apple stocks prior its IPO which we all wish we had done it for huge ROI. or we can trade OneCoin internally among almost half Million members.
Once enter 2016 the merchants coming in, it will be able to use as any of the currency to do purchasing.
Once the number of members (we are owners of the coins) reach to certain high level, OneCoin will start trade publicly and globally just like BitCoin. So current timing is just like PRE-IPO opportunity.
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By holding coins now, you should have the coins worth more each day passing by since it is now at it ready to massive grow stage. BitCoin has reached its peak also called mature stage, that is why invest in it now takes more risk then when people invest in 2009 when it started out at 9c.white line

 Time value on this OneCoin is alive – Feb it took 4 token to mine 1 coin, March took 6 token, Apr took 8, May took 10, June took 12, now is 13.5 token to mine 1 coin, so each week or month pass by, to mine a coin requires more token. The tokens given in each learning package is fixed, this means, the sooner get token and submit to mine OneCoin, the more you will capture the coins at current token mining rate.
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Q: Who started OneCoin business? When officially launched and where did the launch?
A: Dr. Ruja. Jan 2015 officially launched in HK. Now it is legit in most countries incl. USA & Canada.
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Q: Who owns OneCoin business?
A: Dr. Ruja
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Q: Who owns OneCoins?
A: members – whoever purchased one of the 5 investment course packages – submitted their tokens to mine and received OneCoins.
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Q: How many OneCoins being created for mining?
A: 2.1 Billion. Current from you can see more than 24Million coins have been mined. It is just pass 10% of the total 2.1 billion. so it is growing at a speed that we never seen in bitcoin. We are in its arising time.
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Q: Who determine the value of OneCoin?
A: The market – demand and supply of OneCoin. In specific, we as the OneCoin Owners, holders and users of OneCoin, we created and grow our OneCoin value by using it and keeping it and convert more currencies into OneCoins.
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Q: Why OneCoin or BitCoin more credible than currency?
The nature of the paper currency beast is uncontrollable printing, added to its wound, the bank lending system is generating national debts in every second by taking in every 100.00 bill we deposit to lend out 1000.00 back to us with high interest that put public who unaware of this on going midas touch for centuries but now hit to crush time zone, such magic appears legit has put public at position of guaranteed being disadvantaged and be stripped day in and day out. This situation reflect on Greece crisis is just a small example. See National debt clock! USA National Debt Clock! Canada National Debt Clock! more info you can find by google. When this happen, the more credible currency such as OneCoin and BitCoin will soar.
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On the other hand OneCoin and BitCoin and other digital coins have the same nature – once the number of coins decided and the mining starts, it can not be changed, never.
Since BitCoin exist since 2009, it is a proven credible digital currency now traded in public and globally and over 50% of the coins have been mined, its growth in value has peaked from 9-10 cents to 1000+ usd. Although it is now traded around 300 usd per coin, it still getting too expensive for many people get in. So OneCoin is the BitCoin type of opportunity and even better! Because OneCoin was created based on BitCoin concept except improved from all perspective such as transparency, traceable, further with weekly auditing. It’s professionalism consideration and legality compliance have prepared this coin has no choice but become the most popular coin in the days to come. OneCoin is Now in its starting stage, it has huge room for growth of its value and ROI. See photo illustration at the bottom page of  Onecoin-update_July-2015
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